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Science of Reading

A historical narrative review of paired oral reading practices in elementary classrooms

Jake Downs, Kathleen Mohr, Chase Young

Journal of Research in Reading

November 22, 2022

Print Learning: A Theoretical Framework for the Role of Children's Learning about the Orthography in the Development of Reading Skill

Nicole J. Conrad, S. Hélène Deacon

Reading Research Quarterly

November 22, 2022

Building Academic Resilience in Literacy: Digital Reading Practices and Motivational and Cognitive Engagement

Eunjee Jang, Young S. Seo, Janina Brutt-Griffler

Reading Research Quarterly

November 10, 2022

The effect of practice and expectancy of inferential questions on poor comprehenders' inferential processing and monitoring

Menahem Yeari, Adi Avramovich

Journal of Research in Reading

November 3, 2022

Intergenerational Transmission of Dyslexia: How do Different Identification Methods of Parental Difficulties Influence the Conclusions Regarding Children's Risk for Dyslexia?

Daria Khanolainen, Jenni Salminen, Kenneth Eklund, Marja-Kristiina Lerkkanen, Minna Torppa

Reading Research Quarterly

October 29, 2022

Discovery of 42 genome-wide significant loci associated with dyslexia

Catherine Doust, Pierre Fontanillas, Else Eising, Scott D. Gordon, Zhengjun Wang, Gökberk Alagöz, Barbara Molz, 23andMe Research Team, Quantitative Trait Working Group of the GenLang Consortium, Beate St Pourcain, Clyde Francks, Riccardo E. Marioni, Jingjing Zhao, Silvia Paracchini, Joel B. Talcott, Anthony P. Monaco, John F. Stein, Jeffrey R. Gruen, Richard K. Olson, Erik G. Willcutt, John C. DeFries, Bruce F. Pennington, Shelley D. Smith, Margaret J. Wright, Nicholas G. Martin, Adam Auton, Timothy C. Bates, Simon E. Fisher & Michelle Luciano

Nature Genetics

October 20, 2022

A Longitudinal Investigation of Directional Relations Between Domain Knowledge and Reading in the Elementary Years

HyeJin Hwang, Kristen L. McMaster, Panayiota Kendeou

Reading Research Quarterly

October 20, 2022

Early Identification of Children with Dyslexia: Variables Differentially Predict Poor Reading Versus Unexpected Poor Reading

Richard K. Wagner, Christopher J. Lonigan

Reading Research Quarterly

October 12, 2022

The “Reading Brain” is Taught, Not Born: Evidence From the Evolving Neuroscience of Reading for Teachers and Society

Rebecca Gotlieb, Laura Rhinehart, and Maryanne Wolf

The Reading League Journal

October 1, 2022

What Does Science Say About Orton-Gillingham Interventions? An Explanation and Commentary on the Stevens et al. (2021) Meta-Analysis

Emily Solari, Yaacov Petscher, and Colby Hall

The Reading League Journal

October 1, 2022

Relations Among Motivation, Executive Functions, and Reading Comprehension: Do They Differ for Students With and Without Reading Difficulties?

Eunsoo Choa, Unhee Ju, Eun Ha Kim, Minhye Lee, Garam Lee & Donald L. Compton

Scientific Studies of Reading

September 28, 2022

Orthographic Expectancies in the Absence of Contextual Support

Signy Wegener, Hua-Chen Wang, Elisabeth Beyersmann, Kate Nation, Danielle Colenbrander & Anne Castles

Scientific Studies of Reading

September 22, 2022

Forty Years of Reading Intervention Research for Elementary Students with or at Risk for Dyslexia: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

Colby Hall, Katlynn Dahl-Leonard, Eunsoo Cho, Emily J. Solari, Philip Capin, Carlin L. Conner, Alyssa R. Henry, Lysandra Cook, Latisha Hayes, Isabel Vargas, Cassidi L. Richmond, Karen F. Kehoe

Reading Research Quarterly

September 13, 2022

Set for Variability as a Critical Predictor of Word Reading: Potential Implications for Early Identification and Treatment of Dyslexia

Set for Variability as a Critical Predictor of Word Reading: Potential Implications for Early Identification and Treatment of Dyslexia

Reading Research Quarterly

August 17, 2022

Phonemic Awareness: A Meta-Analysis for Planning Effective Instruction

Marianne Rice, Florina Erbeli, Christopher G. Thompson, Mary Rose Sallese, Melissa Fogarty

Reading Research Quarterly

July 27, 2022

A meta-analytic review of comprehension deficits in students with dyslexia

George K. Georgiou, Dalia Martinez, Ana Paula Alves Vieira, Andrea Antoniuk, Sandra Romero & Kan Guo

Annals of Dyslexia

September 17, 2021

Current State of the Evidence: Examining the Effects of Orton-Gillingham Reading Interventions for Students With or at Risk for Word-Level Reading Disabilities

Elizabeth A. Stevens, Christy Austin, Clint Moore, Nancy Scammacca, Alexis N. Boucher, and Sharon Vaughn

Exceptional Children

February 22, 2021

Enhanced visceromotor emotional reactivity in dyslexia and its relation to salience network connectivity

Virginia E. Sturm, Ashlin R. K. Roy, Samir Datta, Cheng Wang, Isabel J. Sible, Sarah R. Holley, Christa Watson, Eleanor R. Palser, Nathaniel A. Morris, Giovanni Battistella, Esther Raha, Marita Meyer, Mikhail Pakvasa, Maria Luisa Mandelli, Jessica Deleon, Fumiko Hoeft, Eduardo Caverzasi, Zachary A. Miller, Kevin A.Shapiro, Robert Hendren, Bruce L. Miller, Maria Luisa Gorno-Tempini


January 1, 2021

Meta-Analysis of the Impact of Reading Interventions for Students in the Primary Grades

Russell Gersten, Kelly Haymond, Rebecca Newman-Gonchar, Joseph Dimino & Madhavi Jayanthi

Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness

January 9, 2020

Current Evidence on the Effects of Intensive Early Reading Interventions

Jeanne Wanzek, Elizabeth A. Stevens, Kelly J. Williams, Nancy Scammacca, Sharon Vaughn, and Katherine Sargent

Journal of Learning Disabilities

May 18, 2018

The Brain Basis of the Phonological Deficit in Dyslexia Is Independent of IQ

Tanaka, H., Black, J. M., Hulme, C., Stanley, L. M., Kesler, S. R., Whitfield-Gabrieli, S., Reiss, A. L., Gabrieli, J. D. E., & Hoeft, F.

Psychological Science

October 17, 2011

An assessment of anxiety levels in dyslexic students in higher education

Julia M. Carroll, Jane E. Iles

British Journal of Educational Psychology

December 24, 2010

Uncoupling of Reading and IQ Over Time: Empirical Evidence for a Definition of Dyslexia

Emilio Ferrer, Bennett A Shaywitz, John M Holahan, Karen Marchione, Sally E Shaywitz

Psychological Science

November 23, 2009

Paying attention to reading: the neurobiology of reading and dyslexia

Sally E Shaywitz, Bennett A Shaywitz

Development and Psychopathology

October 7, 2008

Prevalence of dyslexia among Texas prison inmates

K C Moody, C E Holzer 3rd, M J Roman, K A Paulsen, D H Freeman, M Haynes, T N James

Texas Medicine

June 1, 2000

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